Monday, 15 July 2024

Technology Achievements

  • Registered Patent/Inventor: Resonant Inverter control means.
  • DCP (Digitally Controlled Power) Patent
  • Other technology patents in progress
  • Designed 120kW Nd YAG controllable constant-power laser PSU demonstrated at Chicago’s IMTX
  • Designed 24kW CO2 current controlled (Modulating) PSU
  • Designed of 80kWatt power factor correcting PSU
  • Designed compact 3W PCB mounting low-voltage to high-voltage converter

Development Background

Employing analytical techniques to characterise and produce data models of CO2 gas discharge tube elements of laser systems.

Complete product hardware system design and product development. Preparing specifications for defining, testing and comparing. Supervising and advising engineers and technicians on all aspects of product development.

Specifying, designing, building and testing high-frequency high-kVAR magnetic circuit elements for use in compact high power state of the art power converters.

With minor exceptions, all designs are designed as power factor corrected units and systems.

Designing for HVAC and HVDC power supplies for laser applications – 24kW/30kV strike potential. These units are multiple-output systems whose output transformers are housed in liquid-cooled stainless steel tanks. These are power factor corrected power converters and are designed in an open architecture.

Designing PCB mounting isolated output power supplies.

Designing power inverters for controllable induction cookers, and magnetron power sources – up to 4kW and 75kW ratings respectively.

Designing compact 10kW power converter (application area: re-charging forklift truck batteries). Bi-directional 12kW dc/dc converter.

Designs based on boost, buck, series resonant converters, fly-back converters, forward converter topologies, variable frequency converters, fixed frequency converters, four-quadrant inverters and more.