Monday, 15 July 2024

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring you the highest level of technical competance, with enthusiasm and minimal fuss. Our philisophy is to do whatever it takes to solve your power development problems. Using innovative techniques and advanced technologies, NAVARINO is proud of its contribution to power electronics and engineering over the last 8 years and continues to help advance the art.

Company Profile

NAVARINO engineers are highly innovative and motivated senior electronics design engineers with decades of experience in commercial and industrial electronic design, and implementation. We give our customers added value through competence and diligence in executing their development project with you. As your competent technical associate, we fit in with your capabilities and technical requirements, making your life easier and more productive, shortening your engineering development timescales. Our aim is to provide you with a quality product whose reliability is assured based on years of proven engineering competence; on-time and to budget.

Our engineers are members of the Engineering Council (UK), IET, IEE and IEEE, with over 40 man years experience in high performance Switching Mode Power Supply Development, Digital Hardware Design (microprocessor and FPGA) and Software development. Our engineers have produced high performance power and control solutions for aerospace, industrial, medical and consumer electronics sectors.

The company also produces supporting documentation for each project to a high standard and quality. We also offer document language translation services in several languages (English, German and Hungarian languages).

The Industry’s Comments

The VP of Engineering of one top-ten power supply manufacturer in the USA commented that the transient response of NAVARINO’s controller was “an order of magnitude better than anything else he had seen.

An aircraft manufacturer commented on the technical quality of supporting documentation for one of our designs, declaring that “the quality of hardware design documentation is superlative . . . “.

Another leading techology company praised our capabilities saying, “Of all the power supplies we have manufactured (and we manufacture thousands), your power design has the highest reliability. And years later we still haven’t had any problems with units in the field. Your design is really good!”