Tuesday, 28 May 2024

Integrated Avionics PSM

300W Integrated Low-Noise Avionics Power Supply Module

  • Ultra-wide input supply range
  • High Power Density: Over 34W per cubic inch
  • Vin = 9-80VDC* (28VDC nominal, 100V <100ms)
  • Vout: 12VDC/18A, 5VDC/4A, 3.3VDC/4A, -5VDC/500mA or -12VDC/150mA
  • 1750VDC isolation primary to secondary
  • Ambient temperature: -40 to 100C
  • Load/Line regulation: better than 20mV at main output, 10mV on all other outputs
  • Ripple and noise: Better than 50mv on all outputs
  • soft-start
  • Remote enable/disable (primary refered input)
  • Efficiency = 88% at rated output
  • MIL-STD-461, DO-160E commpliant
  • BITE (Built-In Test Equipment)
  • OVP, OCP and OTP (Over-Voltage, Over-Current & Over-Temperature Protection)
  • SIze: 120mm x 60mm x 20mm