Monday, 24 June 2024

Military Avionics Electronic Systems

Our main responsibility here was for the detailed design of the cockpit’s low-voltage power supply module (PSM) of an advanced Fighter Aircraft. This PSM is a multiple-output, dual-redundant unit, designed in accordance with the relevant MIL-STDs and EMC specifications. This system was designed for automated testing (control, monitor, data acquisition, analysis, and product qualification) using LabVIEW tools. The creation of supporting documentation (i.e. FMECA, failure catalogue, etc.) and the PSM Acceptance Test Procedure form an integral part of this design role.

Other responsibilities on this project included the preliminary design of the Interconnection Unit (ICU) and EMC report. The purpose of this report is to present the rules affecting the EMC performance of the ICU of the Display Controller and the EMC performance of the complete display subsystem. The EMC analysis and report includes an EMC overview for the construction of the ICU, and a detailed break down of how the EMC objectives of this project can be met.

As a by-product, our CAD skills and experience has been updated and now includes two successfully completed CAD training courses to meet the client’s in-house documentation standards: CADENCE Concept HDL (schematic entry) and CADENCE Analogue Workbench (Spice simulation software).

Defining specifications for building, testing, service and maintenance of AIF environment class PSU. The following areas of experience are included:

  • Designing power converters for AIF (Airborne, Inhabited, Fighter) class aircraft
  • Design referenced to MIL-HDBK-217F, Notice 1
  • CPL (component part list) generation
  • FMECA (Failure Mode Effect Criticality Analysis)
  • Functional Block diagram and functional block partitioning
  • List of functions (text description detailing the function of the equipment)
  • Failure catalogue
  • Testability analysis
  • Signal list creation
  • CPL defect rate prediction
  • Critical item list ñ identification of parts critical to the manufacture and maintenance
  • Equipment descriptions
  • EMC design report
  • Failure effect lists
  • PSM Acceptance Test Procedure