Tuesday, 28 May 2024

Power Electronics

NAVARINO engineers are highly innovative and motivated senior electronics design engineers with over many years experience in electronic research, commercial and industrial design, and implementation. Our development team comprises specialists with consuming interests in electronics, computers, product design and technology (old as well as new). our achievements to-date include: novel power converters for high-power ( CO2 and Nd YAG) industrial laser systems, compact converters for industrial magnetrons, high performance PSM for the cockpit-display system of the technologically advanced European Fighter Aircraft, and two registered patents.


POWER ELECTRONICs & CONVERSION – Extensive knowledge of power electronics, developments include, low-noise, high-frequency switched-mode power supplies, high-kVA high frequency transformers, inductors and magnetic amplifiers. Utilising PT and NPT IGBTs, MOSFETS, FREDs, Bipolar Transistors, Valves, Schottky diodes, SCR technologies, etc.

HIGH VOLTAGE ENGINEERING – Working knowledge and experience of high voltage technology utilised in gas discharge systems, X-ray tubes, Xenon flash lamps and ionisers.

DIGITAL AND ANALOGUE DESIGN – Digital and analogue design, including micro-processor design, programmable logic devices such as GAL, PAL, PEELS, CPLDs and FPGAs. OCR and barcode technology, interface cards to IBM PC for A/D – D/A conversion, RADAR digital test generator.

DATA COMMUNICATIONS & OPTOELECTRONICS – Knowledge of Trellis coding (data compression), packet switched networks, Repeaters, LED, Lasers, Fibre-optics, EDFA (Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifiers). Investigation of Solitons in fibres (research project).

COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN – CAD design principles and applications including: OrCAD Capture, OrCADPCB, EASYPC, PSPICE, ISPICE, ELECTRONICS WORKBENCH, MICROCAP, Mentor SChematic Capture and PCB Layout tools mixed signal electronic circuit simulators, PLPL programmable logic compiler and simulator.

SOFTWARE ENGINEERING & DESIGN – software engineering skills encompassing DSP and embedded systems, real-time applications, hardware simulation and Programmable Logic Design with extensive use of C and Assembler (80×86, 6800, 68HC11, TMS320C50 DSP) and UNIX, Linux and DOS.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT – in dealing with team member, users, suppliers and management at all levels, within national and international settings & organisations. Good report writing skills, with the ability to work unsupervised or as part of a team. Ability to motivate others.